Software law

Software law

Do you develop custom software, Software as a Service or provide IT support? You should not forget about the right contractual relationships and documents. Protect your know-how and your business.

I represent both software companies and customers of software solutions in all business relationships concerning digital or software solutions.

I will prepare or review a customized software development and implementation agreement (including agile software development solutions), a license agreement, a solution analysis and design agreement, terms and conditions for SaaS users, a service level agreement (SLA), a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), contracts with developers, or employment and business contracts with programmers and IT staff.

Most requested services

Patrik Tulinsky

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Protect your know-how. Have a quality NDA prepared and prevent valuable information from leaking.

Patrik Tulinsky

Software development and implementation agreement

A contract for developers who need a template for their customers or for the customer who wants to be sure they get what they ordered. .

Patrik Tulinsky

Implementation contract

This contract is suitable for suppliers who have already made their software solution and offer it to their clients.

Patrik Tulinsky

Solution analysis and design contract

The analysis of the SW solution helps to ensure that the features of the delivered solution will actually meet the needs of the customer.

Patrik Tulinsky

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

An SLA is useful for anyone who does not want to deal with problems with the scope and functioning of the delivered service.

Patrik Tulinsky

Licensing Agreement

I will prepare clear rules on how the software will be handled under the license.

Patrik Tulinsky

Contract review/checking

Has the other party presented you with a contract to sign? Have it reviewed by an attorney to avoid potential risks.

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Employment law documents

Protect your know-how, regulate your procedures when dealing with competitors, poor quality work, or other undesirable situations.

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Cooperation agreement with the programmer

Protect your know-how, regulate your procedures in case of competition, poor quality work or other undesirable situations.

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Software consultation

Don't know which solution is best for you? Schedule a consultation!

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Software distribution agreement

This contract is suitable for those who plan to distribute their product through external distributors.

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Software disputes

Do you need a reliable and experienced attorney in the field of software law? Are you dealing with a software-related dispute? Schedule a consultation!

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An initial consultation of approximately 25-30 minutes will introduce me to your legal problem. I’ll outline possible solutions and discuss the terms of our cooperation, including expected fees. Please note, this consultation does not constitute legal advice. For that, a paid personal, email, or telephone consultation is required

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