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Are you planning to set up a company, hold or transfer a business stake or shares? Are you in a dispute with an authority, partner, or shareholder of your company? Do you need to draw up business contracts and documents? Contact me.

Legal services


Whether you are developing custom software, software as a service, or providing IT services, you should not forget to have the right contracts and documents in place. Contact me.

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Are you planning to set up an e-shop or provide online marketing services? Do you have a problem with unfair competition from a competitor? Do you have a problem with domains? Contact me.

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We protect buyers and sellers from entering into a bad contract. We protect the parties to the contract by using a purchase price escrow attorney. We enforce claims for defects in real estate. We settle co-ownership.

Legal Services in Slovakia


I provide comprehensive legal services for employers in the area of employment law. I will prepare bespoke employment contracts, agreements, termination notices, or directives. I will represent you in disputes over the invalidity of termination of employment or in disputes over compensation for damages.

Partner for expansion of foreign companies to Slovakia

Are you looking for an expert in labor, corporate or software law for your business in Slovakia? Do you need Slovak legal services? I am here for you. 

I offer comprehensive services in Slovak and Czech. From company formation, support at the beginning of business, to solving commercial, labor and other issues. I will help you get oriented in the Slovak legal environment. 

Thanks to my experience in supporting Czech, Slovak and other companies in expanding to the Slovak market, I am a trusted partner for your business.

Services that help foreign companies expand and operate successfully in Slovakia:

Corporate Law: I will advise you on the process of establishing a company with a corporate structure, including creating a holding company, merger and acquisition, and due diligence associated with them.

Labor Law: I will provide you with advice on the rights and obligations of employers and employees in Slovakia.

Intellectual Property Protection: I will provide you with support in protecting and exploiting your intellectual property.

Commercial Contracts: I will help you in the drafting, revision, and negotiation of commercial contracts.

Tax Law: I provide advice on tax laws and help in resolving tax issues.

Business Cooperation: I will help you find and build relationships with reliable business partners in Slovakia.

Real Estate: I will assist you in the purchase, sale, and lease of real estate, including contract negotiation and revision.

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