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Employment Law

We provide comprehensive legal services in the field of employment law for our clients, especially for employers. We can prepare tailor-made employment contracts, amendments to them, internal directives or competition clauses. We will ensure monitoring of new legislation for you.

We will represent you in an employment law dispute concerning the invalidity of termination of employment or damages or in other employment law disputes. We will resolve problems with a problematic employee on your behalf. 

Employment law is an area on which the success of the entire company is based. Therefore, it must be given great attention. 

The most popular labor law services

Patrik Tulinsky

Full representation in employee litigation

Benefit from the services of an experienced attorney throughout the legal proceedings. I will guide you through the entire proceeding.

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Preparation and negotiation of an out-of-court settlement

Are you litigating a dispute? Do you want to avoid court? I can help you communicate with the opposing party to negotiate an out-of-court settlement agreement.

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Recovering damages from an employee

Has an employee caused you damage? I will represent you in the course of negotiating its voluntary payment or in the court and enforcement proceedings themselves.

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Termination of employment with an employee

I will arrange the termination of the employment relationship with the employee on your behalf.

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Employment contract

A quality employment contract will save you a lot of trouble.

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Dealing with a problem employee

Do you have a problem with an employee? Does he or she have unexcused absences? Is he or she violating work discipline? Has he or she caused you damage? Contact us.

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Employment law documentation

I will prepare complete employment documentation for you.

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Competition clause

Are you worried about competition from an employee? Contact me.

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Internal guidelines

We will prepare all the necessary employment law directives for you.

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Ensuring the legal agenda for employment agencies

Are you an employment agency looking for an employment law expert? Contact me.

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Representation of the employer during an inspection by the labour inspectorate

Are you facing an inspection by the Labour Inspectorate or have you already received a fine that you consider unjustified? Contact me.

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Monitoring legislation

I will keep you informed of any legislative changes so that nothing takes you by surprise.

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