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Internet Law, Domain Law, e-Commerce Law

Do you own an e-shop or are you just about to start one? Do you know what all you need to set up a business or start a business? Do you know what all you need to do and what legal pitfalls await you while running an e-shop? 

Do you know the legislation that e-shops have to deal with? Have you drawn up general terms and conditions? Do you know that you can’t just download them from a competitor? Have you dealt with GDPR? Complaints? Copyright of website content and photos? There’s more than a few. So you’d better get some advice! I will prepare general terms and conditions, perform a legal audit of your e-shop, provide a complete legal service for your e-shop.

Corporate Law

Within the scope of my specialization I can help you with trademark registration, preparation of lease or domain transfer agreements. I can help you if you are in a domain dispute or if your competitor is parasitizing on your name or if someone has taken your domain (cybersquatting, parasitizing). I will protect your domain from parasitism in the Internet environment. 

I will help you to protect your website from parasitism by your competitors. I will prepare a contract for the creation of the website, a contract for the service and maintenance of the content management system. 

The most popular services

Patrik Tulinsky

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Protect your know-how. Have a good NDA prepared and prevent valuable information from leaking out.

Patrik Tulinsky

General Terms and Conditions

I will prepare understandable terms and conditions tailored to your e-shop.

Patrik Tulinsky

Legal audit of the e-shop

Are your GTCs in order? What about privacy policy? Complaints process? SPAM? Are you infringing on your competitors' copyrights?

Patrik Tulinsky

Complete setup of an online store from A to Z

Do you want your own e-shop but don't know where to start? I can help you with setting up your e-shop including all the legalities.

Patrik Tulinsky

Trademark Registration

I will register your trademark for you.

Patrik Tulinsky

Framework agreement with the supplier

It is not always advisable to rely on good word of mouth. I will prepare a bulletproof contract for you to work with your suppliers.

Patrik Tulinsky

Review and control of contracts

Has the other party presented you with a contract to sign? Have it reviewed by an attorney to avoid potential risks.

Patrik Tulinsky

Employment law documents

Protect your know-how, regulate your procedures in case of competitive dealings, poor quality work or other undesirable situations.

Patrik Tulinsky

Enforce domain transfer from speculators

I can help you protect your domain from speculators or your competitors.

Patrik Tulinsky

Domain Transfer Agreement

I will help you with your domain transfer.

Patrik Tulinsky

GDPR compliance check and preparation of GDPR documentation

I will check your website and relevant documents - to make sure they are GDPR compliant.

Patrik Tulinsky

Influencer contract

I will set the terms of cooperation with the influencer. Competition clause, advertising terms or copyright.

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