Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

  • Are you buying or selling a property and don’t want to lose money?
  • Are you renting out your property and are worried about the tenant damaging you?
  • Do you co-own a property and want to settle the co-ownership once and for all? 

In this case, it is a good idea to have a lawyer help you with your matter, who will prepare tailor-made contracts for you or solve the whole matter for you.

Using various contract templates from the internet or from real estate agents who have no legal experience can expose you to a huge risk of losing money and future problems!

Over and above contract drafting, I can provide you with a solicitor’s escrow of the purchase price to ensure maximum security for the entire property transfer. I can also help you with more complex cases such as subdivision of land, creation or cancellation of easements, etc.

The most popular legal services

Patrik Tulinsky

Complete legal assurance of real estate transfer

Transfer of real estate without complications and the need to go to the offices.

Patrik Tulinsky

Purchase contract for real estate including authorization by a lawyer

Preparation of a quality purchase contract with the option of using a secure solicitor's escrow of the purchase price.

Patrik Tulinsky

Attorney escrow of the purchase price

Attorney escrow of the purchase price and documents will protect you from inconvenience and from losing money.

Patrik Tulinsky

Transfer of the cooperative share

Do you want to "sell" a cooperative flat or transfer the right to use it? I will take care of the whole transfer!

Patrik Tulinsky

Donation contract

Do you want to donate a property? Avoid problems with the land registry and leave it to me.

Patrik Tulinsky

Application for entry into the Land Registry

Do you need to prepare a proposal for entry into the Land Registry?

Patrik Tulinsky

Revision/checking of contracts

Has the other party submitted a contract for you to sign? Have it checked by a solicitor to avoid potential risks.

Patrik Tulinsky

Acceptance protocol

I will prepare a good quality acceptance protocol to mitigate any risks associated with the transfer of the property.

Patrik Tulinsky

Withdrawal from the contract

Have you entered into a contract of sale and discovered that the property has defects? I will prepare a withdrawal from the contract.

Patrik Tulinsky

Reservation contract

I will prepare a good quality reservation contract for you.

Patrik Tulinsky

Future Purchase Contract

I will prepare a good quality future purchase contract and define the terms and conditions for the conclusion of the actual purchase contract.

Patrik Tulinsky

Legal services for real estate agents

Do you need a reliable and experienced attorney in the field of real estate law?

Rental property

Patrik Tulinsky

Rental contract

I will prepare a tenancy agreement that thinks of all the situations that may arise.

Patrik Tulinsky

Sublease agreement

I will prepare a good quality sublease agreement.

Patrik Tulinsky

Tenant screening

Do you want to rent a property? Make sure you check thoroughly to whom! This will reduce the risk of non-payment of rent and other inconveniences.

Patrik Tulinsky

Rent collection

Is the tenant not paying you the agreed rent? I will help you with collection!

Representation by an attorney in real estate matters

Patrik Tulinsky

Litigation of real estate defect claims

Is everything not as it should be in relation to conveyancing? I can help you secure a remedy.

Patrik Tulinsky

Dissolution and settlement of co-ownership

Do you need to settle a shared ownership? I can help you with the preparation of documents and in any litigation.

Patrik Tulinsky

Disputes over the determination of ownership of real estate

Are you dealing with a dispute over the determination of ownership of real estate? Let an attorney represent you!

Patrik Tulinsky

Actions for eviction of real estate

Do you have a problem with a former tenant or owner who won't leave your property? Contact me!

Other Real Estate Services

Patrik Tulinsky

Contracts for the establishment of easements

Do you want to establish an easement - e.g. right of way, right of survivorship, etc.? I can help you!

Patrik Tulinsky

Land division or land consolidation

Do you own a larger plot of land and would like to divide it into several smaller plots? Are you planning to merge small plots of land into a single unit?

Patrik Tulinsky

Representation in construction proceedings

I will represent you throughout the construction procedure.

Patrik Tulinsky

Legal services for developers

I will provide a complete agenda from planning through construction to the subsequent sale of the property.

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An initial consultation of approximately 25-30 minutes will introduce me to your legal problem. I’ll outline possible solutions and discuss the terms of our cooperation, including expected fees. Please note, this consultation does not constitute legal advice. For that, a paid personal, email, or telephone consultation is required

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