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Looking for a business law expert?

  • Do you need to prepare airtight commercial contracts for your business?
  • Are you facing disputes with customers, suppliers, or within your company?
  • Do you need to establish clear agreements between partners or shareholders?
  • Are you making changes to your company’s leadership, location, or capital structure?
  • Are you buying or selling a business, shares, or considering a merger?

As a business law attorney, I can help you navigate all of these situations.

Throughout the life of your company, I can provide expert consultation on legal matters such as:

  • Shareholder or managing director changes
  • Registered office transfers
  • Share capital adjustments
  • Company transformations (mergers, amalgamations, divisions)
  • Unfair competition practices
  • Disputes within the company

If you are a smaller company or prefer not to employ an in-house legal team, consider my outsourcing legal services. I’ll handle your entire business-related legal agenda.

Corporate Law

Within the scope of my specialization, I can help you with the following, for example:

  • Legal advice on acquisitions, mergers, transfers of shares, and company sales.
  • Company establishment, including setting up relationships between shareholders and managing directors.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, as well as establishing distribution and franchise relationships.
  • Protection against unfair competition practices.
  • Preparation of legal analyses, proposals for solutions, and proactive measures for legislative changes.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and documents with customers and suppliers.
  • Dispute resolution between partners or managing directors within a company.
  • Representation in proceedings before courts, authorities, or in negotiations with counterparties.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Preparation of employment law documentation.

Company Law

Patrik Tulinsky

Transfer of a business share.

I will arrange the transfer of business shares without complications and the need to go to the offices.

Patrik Tulinsky

Transfer of shares in a joint stock company.

Do you need to transfer shares in a joint stock company? I will ensure the entire transaction to go smoothly.

Patrik Tulinsky

Attorney's custody of the purchase price.

Attorney escrow of the purchase price and documents will protect you from inconvenience and from losing money in various types of transactions.

Patrik Tulinsky

Transfer of cooperative shares.

Do you own a share in a cooperative and want to sell it? Or do you want to buy such a share? I will take care of the whole transfer!

Patrik Tulinsky

Contract for the performance of the functions of managing director.

I will prepare a contract of office for you so that you do not expose yourself to risks and so that you meet all legal requirements.

Patrik Tulinsky

Incorporation of a limited liability company.

I will set up a limited company for you and set up the relationships between the shareholders so that you can avoid problems in the future.

Patrik Tulinsky

Setting up a public limited company.

I will set up a public limited company for you and set up the relationships between future shareholders.

Patrik Tulinsky

Setting up a holding structure.

I will help you to set up a holding structure and subsidiaries so that the structure meets your needs.

Patrik Tulinsky

Change of managing director.

I will arrange for you a change of the statutory body of your company with everything that goes with it.

Patrik Tulinsky

Changes to the share capital.

Do you need to increase or decrease the company's share capital? I'll help you with that.

Patrik Tulinsky

Company mergers

I provide legal advice on company mergers.

Patrik Tulinsky

Company division

I provide legal advice on the division of a company, including the preparation of the relevant documents.

Patrik Tulinsky

Preparation and conduct of general meetings.

Do you need to convene and prepare general meetings and minutes? I will take care of the whole process.

Patrik Tulinsky

Company and shareholder agreements.

Have you entered into a contract and the counterparty has refused to fulfil its obligations or are you conducting any legal dispute that can no longer be resolved out of court? Contact me and I will prepare a good lawsuit for you.

Patrik Tulinsky

Dispute resolution between shareholders and directors.

Disputes between companies and their partners, shareholders or members, disputes between partners , shareholders or members with each other. Disputes between companies and members of their statutory bodies. Liability for damages.

Patrik Tulinsky

Termination of a shareholder's participation in a company.

I advise on the so-called "exit" of a shareholder.

Business Contracts and Documentation

Patrik Tulinsky

Tailor-made individual business contracts.

I will prepare a tailor-made commercial contract according to the needs of your company, even one that is not regulated by the Commercial Code (franchise, leasing, option, etc.).

Patrik Tulinsky

Type contracts according to the Commercial Code.

I will prepare for your company any commercial contract regulated by the Commercial Code.

Patrik Tulinsky

Franchise agreements.

I will create a system of cooperation between your company and the franchisee so that your business know-how, trademarks, procedures and processes are protected.

Patrik Tulinsky

Contracts with suppliers and customers.

Framework cooperation agreements, purchase agreements, supplier agreements, work contracts, etc.

Patrik Tulinsky

Employment law documentation.

Protect your know-how, regulate your procedures in case of competitive dealings, poor quality work or other undesirable situations.

Patrik Tulinsky

Audit model contracts and documents.

Has the other party presented you with a contract to sign? Have it reviewed by an attorney to avoid potential risks.

Patrik Tulinsky

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Protect your know-how. Have a good NDA prepared and prevent valuable information from leaking.

Patrik Tulinsky

Securing liabilities.

Problems with unpaid invoices? Reduce the risk of default by properly securing and securing the contractual obligation.

Dispute agenda

Patrik Tulinsky

Debt recovery

If you have a debt - someone owes you - I will take care of its recovery. I will represent you in the course of negotiations for its voluntary payment or in the actual court and enforcement proceedings.

Patrik Tulinsky

Unfair competition from a competitor.

Protection of rights violated or threatened by unfair competition or unlawful restraint of competition. Protection of the name, reputation and privacy of a legal person.

Patrik Tulinsky

Resolution of disputes between shareholders and directors.

Disputes over the validity of resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders, proceedings for the expulsion of a shareholder, representation of the company in disputes over compensation for damage caused to the company's directors, etc.

Patrik Tulinsky

Intellectual property disputes.

Advising on claims for injunctive relief, injunctive relief, damages or unjust enrichment in connection with infringement of intellectual property.

Other services for entrepreneurs and companies.

Patrik Tulinsky

Privacy Policy

I will set up your company processes, prepare documents and train your employees to understand GDPR in practice.

Patrik Tulinsky

Reputation protection

Advising on the protection against interference with a legal entity's reputation, as well as defending against allegations of interference with that right.

Patrik Tulinsky

Trademark registration

I will register a trademark for you.

Patrik Tulinsky

Registration in the register of public sector partners.

I will ensure your company's registration in the register of public sector partners.

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